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Updated: Nov 25, 2006 by L.Drolez.
MyThreads-Links is a flexible web based links manager that looks similar to Yahoo but was written in PHP and uses MySQL. MyThreads-Links uses PHPLib Templates so that its very simple for anyone to change the look and feel of the program without having to edit the code. It's currently used by more than 30000 sites on the web.

Main features:
  • Any user can suggest, edit or delete links and categories (and sub-categories),
  • links and categories modifications are then validated by the webmaster,
  • search engine,
  • meta categories (new links, updated links, most requested links),
  • optional email notification,
  • easy customization since all HTML is in templates (english and french available),
  • easy database customization, add some fields in your database and have them managed by myThreads in 5 minutes,
  • easy installation with the web based installer.

New development tree 1.1.x Started Wed Apr 28 23:55:22 2004 -

This new development tree will try to focus on these features:

  • phplib based users and permissions,
  • binary custom database fields support,
  • multiple categories per link,
Feel free to submit your wishes, comments in the forums or in the tracker.

New beta release: Mythreads 1.1.3 Tue, 06 Mar 2012 10:58:01 -0000

<div class="markdown_content"><p>Hi !</p> <p>In this new beta (but stable) release, you won't find major new features, but now the default template is based on the Perfect 'Holy Grail' 3 Column Liquid Layout by Matthew James Taylor.</p> <p>Cheers,<br /> Ludovic.</p></div>

New beta release: mythreads 1.1.2 Mon, 01 Jan 2007 23:34:36 -0000

<div class="markdown_content"><p>Hi ! </p> <p>In this new beta (but stable) release, I fixed some very old input parsing bugs, and improved the email function to stop spam. The Captcha (security code) was also improved. So if you have spam problems with MyThreads, this release is a must. I've also added a recently requested feature: the option to allow anonymous users to enter links in the database with the 'anonymous_add' configuration option.</p> <p>Cheers, </p> <p>Ludovic.</p></div>

New beta release: mythreads 1.1.1 Fri, 30 Jun 2006 21:39:30 -0000

<div class="markdown_content"><p>Hi !</p> <p>This new beta release is quite stable, and added a new datatype: booleans. It's useful to store boolean values in the database with checkboxes (you can take a look here: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> ). The release also contains bug fixes to the new 'security code' anti-spam feature.</p> <p>Cheers,</p> <p>Ludovic.</p></div>

As of version 0.5.2 we are now using cvs to development of MyThreads-Links. If you are new to cvs please go to the following page and read the documentation for using cvs with sourceforge. You may also now browse the source of MyThreads-Links by clicking on the "Browse CVS" on the left.

If you are interested in doing development just sign up for the devel mailing list and post a message saying your ready to help.

Joshua C. originally started MyThreads-Links because he did not want to keep putting up his bookmarks file on the Internet. There are other program that do the same this as this out there but they where not free so MyThreads-Links was started to create a GPL Open Source Yahoo like links manager for everyone to use.

Installation and Demos:
If you want to test the administration functions the username is "test" and the password is "test". Please do not delete anything you did not add.
Demo1 (mythreads v1.1.x CVS) - Uses the new CSS based 3 columns theme.
Demo2 - French templates. Old theme.
Demo3 - German templates.
Demo4 - Slovak templates.

For installation instructions download the .tar.gz file and do a "gzip -d mythreads-links*.tar.gz" and "tar -xv mythreads-links*.tar". Now open the README and have fun.
You can also sign up for the Help Mailing list. You can do that by clicking on the link to the left and following the instructions.

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